15/2/2022: Today, the Municipality of Arraba and Qudra Renewable Energy Company signed an agreement to finance, design, and operate a solar energy power plant at a capacity of 1 megawatt on municipal grounds. The agreement, which aims to respond to the energy deficiency among the citizens of Arraba, was signed at the Ministry of Local Government, in the presence of Eng. Majdi Al Saleh, the Minister of Local Government, Dr. Tawfiq Al Budeiri, the Undersecretary of the Ministry, Mr. Ahmad Al Arda, the Mayor of Arraba, and Eng. Abdul Rahman Hijjawi, the General Manager of Qudra.

The agreement, which was signed by Mayor Ahmad Al Arda and Eng. Abdul Rahman Hijjawi, the General Manager of Qudra, under the patronage of the Minister of Local Government and in partnership with the United Nations Development Program – UNDP, finances the design and operation of a solar power plant with a capacity of 1 megawatt, provided that the plant is owned by Oraba Municipality after five years, especially since this project is part of the Transition to Sustainable Energy Program and is the product of cooperation between Qudra Company, the United Nations Development Program and the Ministry of Local Government, with the coordination and participation of the Palestinian Energy Authority and the Palestinian Electricity Regulatory Board.

At the beginning of the signing ceremony, Al Saleh expressed his enthusiasm about signing the agreement, which is an added value to the efforts aimed at developing the renewable energy sector in Palestine in line with the ministry’s vision and policies, thus enabling municipalities and local councils to develop their services to citizens, and contribute to achieving sustainable development for the local economy. Al Saleh praised Qudra’s efforts to implement solar energy projects in various Palestinian towns, villages, and cities.

Al Arda stated that the construction of this vital project in the town of Arraba would contribute significantly to providing an additional clean source of energy for citizens, and working to overcome obstacles for the benefit of the citizen and the company alike, in order to ensure the provision of a better quality electrical service, not to mention the economic benefits to the citizen. Al Arda praised the efforts and concern of the Ministry of Local Government in such important projects that aim to serve the local community.

Hijawi expressed his pride in the partnership that joined Qudra with the Municipality of Arraba to achieve such a project,  which will benefit the people of the town of Arraba in terms of securing alternative sources of energy in light of the increasing demand for this commodity and contribute to urban expansion. Hijjawi stressed that such projects will have positive impacts on local development in the coming years,  in a manner that ensures raising the capacities of the Council to provide better services to the public and ensure the stability of power security.