Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the KWp costs?

Each project is unique, it depends on the technical specifications of the site, but we offer a free site survey, and can extend our expertise to provide you with a quotation.

What type of solar panels are you using?

We have developed Qudra solar modules for the optimal performance in the climatic conditions of Palestine, with capacities up to 550 Wp. Each module is inspected and certified by TUV, offering our customers lower risk of defected underperforming components.

Do you have a branch in Gaza?

We are entering Gaza market very soon, we’ll announce that on our website.

Do you provide financial solutions?

Yes, we offer financial solutions that can help everyone in installing Solar Projects. Very convenient instalments can be tailor made to match your electricity consumption

Can the local electricity supplier connect my solar system to the grid?

Yes, the local electricity provider can offer a net-metering agreement with the consumer to connect the system to the grid

How can I benefit from the solar system even though I didn’t get approval from the electricity supplier to connect the system on net metering?

The grid operator can sometimes reject connecting the system. Qudra can deploy a self-consumption system to cover the daytime consumption, without feedback to the grid.