Smart planning

We follow international standards and best practices in planning our solar assets, including geographical layout and meteorological and environmental conditions to deliver suitable solutions and high performance.

Experts in execution

Our specialized teams are experienced in installing solar assets in Palestine, and utilize most recent advanced technologies in all stages of asset design, construction, commissioning and operation.

Innovative technology

We are committed to employ cutting edge technologies that correspond to each customer needs, making sure that the available space is covered with the ideal design of solar modules and mounting structures.

Do the math.

Qudra provides state of the art renewable energy with distinguished performance and high efficiency. We leverage the latest quality assurance measures to allow all segments to attain clean, sustainable, and affordable energy that supports our environment.


Metric tonnes of CO2 emissions saved from renewable energy.

Qudra is determined to contribute to reduce the impact of greenhouses gases on the environment. Its solar assets have saved more than 100,000 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions, supporting the global efforts in battling climate change.


Years Performance Warranty

Qudra commits to build modern systems that deliver high performance ratios exceeding 80%, with long-term performance warranties reaching up to 30 years.

UP TO 75%

Saving on electricity costs for commercial and industrial consumers.

Using the technical know-how and financial capabilities of Qudra, the company provides cheap electricity replacing traditional sources. The savings can reach up to 75% for commercial and industrial consumers in Palestine.

Cutting Edge Technologies

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We develop innovative integrated renewable energy solutions designed to meet the needs of citizens, institutions and enterprises, by providing modern systems that are submit to examination and quality tests, characterized by easy installation, operation and maintenance, safe on the environment, at fair prices, and achieving economic viability for our customers over the operational life of our systems, which reaches 30 years.

Tailor Made Photovoltaic (PV) Modules

  • Higher energy production capacity: 160 mm power unit is able to achieve an output increase of 25-30 watts.
  • High Reliability: (ISO) quality system management certification and other certifications, and passed the tests of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
  • Low Hot-spot Risk: Half cell technology that reduces hot spot temperature
    Excellent Loading Capability: 2400Pa wind loads, 5400Pa snow loads, 8000Pa, extra support.
  • Low NMOT: Half technology , how operating temperature of up to 43 ° C, which increases the efficiency of cell power generation and reduces the temperature of the hotspot.
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Aluminum Mounting Structure

Qudra provides the ability of structures for installing Aluminum solar modules, which are manufactured with high quality and environmentally friendly specifications, to suit various foundations of solar modules installed on the ground or on the roof.