The Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority has granted Qudra a temporary license to generate electricity by photovoltaic cells in the city of Ramallah with a capacity of 5 megawatts. Qudra aims to establish a solar-powered plant to feed areas in the city of Ramallah.

Jerusalem District Electricity Company Chairman and General Manager Hisham Al-Omari confirmed that JDECO aims to increase Palestinian-generated electricity on the one hand, and increase clean energy in partnership with the private sector on the other hand. In a time in which JDECO aim’s of reducing dependency on the Israeli supplier, especially in times of constant electricity cut-offs.

In addition, the head of the Energy and Natural Resources Authority, Mr. Thafer Melhem, called for increased investment in renewable energy projects in the Palestinian governorates, with the aim of reducing dependence on imported energy, achieving energy security, and sustainable development, and diversifying energy sources.

The signing ceremony was attended by Eng. Ayman Ismail, Chairman Assistant of the Palestinian Energy and Natural Resources Authority for Technical Affairs, Mr. Abdelrahman Hijawi, representative of the developing company, and Mr. Kamel Al-Hussaini, Board Member of Qudra.