Ramallah – In partnership with the Jerusalem District Electricity Company and in cooperation with the Municipal Council of Deir Abu Mashaal, Qudra company inaugurated today the largest solar power plant in Palestine, with a total capacity of 8.25 megawatts/peak, in the village of Deir Abu Mishaal, west of Ramallah. The ceremony was held in the presence of Mr. Hashim Al Shawa, the Chairman for Bank of Palestine Group, Mr. Tarek Aggad, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC), Mr. Hisham Al Omari, the Chairman of the Jerusalem District Electricity Company (JDECO), Mr. Anan Anabtawi, the Chairman of Qudra, Mr. Mahmoud Al Shawa, the General Manager of Bank of Palestine, Mr. Hamdan Al Barghouti, Deputy Governor of Ramallah and Al Bireh Governorate, Mr. Saleh Said, the President of Deir Abu Mashaal Village Council, Engineer Mohammed Zeidan, the Deputy Director of the JDECO, Engineer Salah Alqam, the Manager of Technical Affairs at the JDECO, Engineer Thaer Jaradat, the Ramallah and Al Bireh Branch Manager of the JDECO, and Engineer Abdelrahman Hijawi, the General Manager of Qudra, including the participation of managers from APIC and Bank of Palestine Group.

The new solar power plant, which was designed and developed by Qudra using the latest solar photovoltaic technology for JDECO, will contribute to an area of ​​more than 100 dunums of land in the village of Deir Abu Mishaal, to respond to the electric power needs of people in the area and the surrounding villages of Abu Mishaal and Nabi Saleh.

Mr. Tarek Aggad stated that this project is at the core of the interests of the APIC Group. He emphasized the importance of implementing such distinctive and pioneering projects and encouraging investment in them because they are receiving global attention today due to their environmental and economic benefits. Aggad added that such projects form part of one of the most promising sectors in Palestine and constitute a basic pillar for advancing the economy and promoting sustainable development, which depends on the energy services necessary to raise and improve productivity, in addition to providing a significant part of clean energy, which in turn contributes to providing a clean, healthy and safe environment.

Al Omari praised the efforts of all partners that contributed to the completion of this project, which reflects the vision and directions of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian government in increasing investment in solar energy, especially since such projects would contribute to enhancing the quality of electricity services, especially with the increasing demand for this vital commodity and in light of the high rates of population and urban growth, to ensure securing electricity for Palestinian citizens. Al Omari stressed that the diversification of energy sources, whether at the governmental or private level, is a step in the right direction for the advancement of the Palestinian energy sector, with the aim of filling the energy deficit.

Al Omari stated that the location of the plant was chosen very carefully, as it is located in the middle of a group of neighboring villages and towns to respond to the deficit in electric power resulting from the failure of the other side for over 10 years to increase connection points and provide opportunities for urban expansion and the implementation of economic projects in those areas.

Mr. Hashim Al Shawa blessed the opening of the largest solar power plant in the country on the lands of Deir Abu Mashaal, stressing that the Bank of Palestine Group pays attention to the renewable energy sector, including environmentally friendly investment projects, due to their positive impact on various aspects of financial and banking activity, as well as on other economic and developmental sectors, in line with the global trend to reduce the negative effects of climate change, and contribute to achieving economic growth and stability. “I hope that Qudra will be able to implement similar models of solar energy projects in other regions and that it will serve as a model for the various segments of society towards access to renewable energy.”

Mr. Anan Anabtawi indicated that the completion of the solar power plant project implemented by Qudra Company would not have been realized without the great and fruitful cooperation of the Jerusalem District Electricity Company, the cooperation of the Municipal Council of the village of Deir Abu Mishaal and the governorate institution represented by Dr. Laila Ghannam and her deputy, Mr. Hamdan Al Barghouti. Anabtawi pointed out that this plant forms part of a series of projects implemented by Qudra in various governorates of the country, embodying Qudra’s vision of providing clean and sustainable energy.

Mr. Hijawi stated that the power plant will leverage its advanced technical features to secure a stable and efficient power source for the local community. System design and components quality standards were carefully reviewed in line with the most recent international standards and industry practices, as well as the local Palestinian standards, with the aim to meet the needs of the Palestinian people and reduce dependence on other sources.

Mr. Saleh Saeed welcomed the completion of this important project, which would serve the people of the village of Deir Abu Mishaal and other surrounding areas, stressing the importance of alternative energy projects and their significant contribution to the sustainability of energy resources, and reducing the monthly consumption bills for individuals and institutions alike.

It is important to mention that the first part of the station with a capacity of 2 megawatts was inaugurated today, and the rest of the station will follow after the completion of the infrastructure works.